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Related post: Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 10:16:45 -0800 (PST) From: chirs s Subject: Reiny Summer 2This story is of wild nude teens course completely fiction, whatever disclaimer you choose applies. If sexually related stories are illegal where free teen xxxx porn you are, or offends you, go away. If not, this is my first attempt at writing, let me know what you think! I also retain all rights to this story.Reiny Summer By C. MilesChapter 2 As soon as we entered the Coreday's house Peter's mother turned him around so teen tgp porn his back was to her. "Please go to your room and begin unpacking your clothing, and your belongings." she told him as she tucked the end of his leash into the back of his harness, like she had done at my house. "I must unpack some things and then I will call Clayton and you back downstairs for a minute." "Yes Mummy." he answered in a soft voice. "And please close your bedroom door." she called after us as I followed him toward the staircase. "Yes Mummy," he whimpered. I felt the same strange, warm sensation I had felt a couple of other times today spread through my stomach as I followed him up the stairs. As he began climbing the steps his tight shorts showed off the round, firm melons stuffed inside them, and his leash bouncing off one, then lesbien teen porn pics the other of his cheeks somehow seemed to act like a magnet for my eyes. After a few steps I found myself a few stairs behind him, where his tight bubble butt was exactly at eye level. I became so fascinated by the view I didn't realize we had reached the staircase's upper landing, and asian teen nude that he had stopped walking, until I bumped into him pushing him forward. Instinctively I reached out and grabbed him around his waist, hoping to break his fall. He reacted by leaning against me, pushing his back into my chest. "Do you want to walk me?" he whispered. I didn't realize that I had moved my hands up and grasp his harness until he squirmed in my grasp and reached behind his back, pushing his thin hand between our bodies. The strange warm sensation in my stomach became hot, and spread down into my crotch as I felt what I was sure his leash rub across my groin. The strange, hot feeling turned into what felt like it was now a fire, and spread into my boyhood when he held up the leash's handle and begged, in his wonderful accent and sweet voice, "Please, I want you to!" My brain, and groin were too far in shock to move as he slipped the leash onto my wrist. 'What is going on, is he weird or something? Is his mother free xxx teen pics weird?' I teen porn thumbnails freee wondered. 'Does he think he has to be led around on a leash?' His happy face and grin told me he actually was enjoying himself as he pushed his way against my hip and shoulder. Still on automatic, or overload, I put my arm around the back of his chest, then moved my hand and slipped two fingers into the steel ring at the back of his harness and pulled him against me as we walked down the hall. I was a little in awe when I first saw his bedroom. It was much bigger than mine, and despite the clutter of boxes scattered around it, it struck me as regal, for lack of a better word. All of the furniture was made of very heavy wood, even his huge four poster bed. Thick drapes adorned the windows; it looked like something from a castle in the movies, more for a Lord or Duke's bed chamber than that of a twelve-year-old boy. At first I didn't understand when he put his finger to his mouth and whispered 'shhh', until he pointed at a speakerbox mounted on the wall right next to the door. I didn't resist as he pulled me across the room into what turned out to be his private bathroom. After he closed the bathroom door behind us he pushed his face to my ear so close his facebow pushed against it. "My mum listens sometimes, don't say anything naughty." I was so distracted by his breath blowing into my ear, and how sexy his hushed voice sounded it took a second to digest what he had said, but I nodded my head slightly. I couldn't help amature teen porn videos but pull his body closer to mine. I almost jumped out of my skin when he let out one of his cute giggles and stuck free teen downloads porn his tongue into my ear; I was still in shock as he pulled me back into his bedroom by his harness. "Would you like to see my books?" Peter exclaimed more than asked as he pulled me across the room toward a pile of boxes. I grunted as we tried to lift the box he had chosen off the stack; we ended up sliding it off the one below it, and skidding it across the carpet to a heavy wooden bookshelf by his study desk. After he ripped it open he pulled a stack of framed pictures out, and I gasp as he started chubby teen incest porn arranging them self porn teen on the bookshelve's top shelf. He had three or four pictures of him standing together with Hermione, Ron and Harry in their Hogwarts school uniform Signed Emma, Rupert and Daniel. "You, you, you know them?" I mumbled, still trying to believe what I was seeing. "That's Miss Rowling." he replied, holding another picture out to me. My already bugged eyes grew even wider when I saw Peter standing in front of a white haired lady, her arms draped over his shoulders grasping the straps of what was clearly another harness and read 'With love, Aunt Joanne'. I was sure I had lost my mind and was imagining things when he handed me hot wet teen pussy a picture of himself in a Hogwarts uniform, leaning against Professor Dumbledore, the old man's long white beard draped over the top of his red head. 'My favorite young wizard. Richard Harris' read the signature. I knew I was losing it as I looked at similar autographed pictures of him with Professor Quirrel, then Professor Snipe. The next two almost made me faint dead. Peter, in a Hogwarts uniform, even with a cape and holding a wand out was standing in front of Hagrid, who had his huge catcher's mitt hands cupped on my new friend's thin shoulders. The other was him perched on a high stool, wearing the sorting hat, with Professor McGonagall 80s teen porn star staring at him and Professor Dumbledore in the background. "You, you went to Hogwarts?" I managed to force out of my lungs. "Are you a, a wizard?" "Peter, please unpack your belongings, you may show your new friend your albums another time." his mother's voice barked from the speaker box. "Yes Mummy, right away!" brunette teen hardcore porn he hollered toward the bedroom door. He shot the intercom nasty look, stuck both of his middle fingers out, waved them at the speaker, then dug several books out of the box. I was impressed with his collection. As he claimed he had all of the Harry Potter series, all signed by their author, along with countless other thick, hardbound books I had never heard of. As we worked at unloading his other things I figured out holding his leash was slowing us down and slipped it off my wrist, but when I did I was immediately attacked by a sad, pleading face. "Please? It feels neat when you hold it!" he whispered as he all but forced the loop handle back over my hand. gay teen porn photos Before I could react he squirmed his round little biscuit but into my crotch and softly added, "Perhaps we should arrange my closet." I somehow felt like he was holding my leash as we pushed a several tall boxes to a door, then pulled a couple of them into a large walkin closest behind us. He stayed glued to my side as we teen porn nymph began emptying the boxes. They were all hanging clothes, but it seemed like they were all shirts and coats, and no pants or jeans, all hung from a rail at the top a mover wardrobe box. I started grabbing handfuls of hangers and hooking them, almost throwing them on the closet rails until he stopped me. 'Oh, well, whatever!' I thought as he took over and carefully arranged each garment. Although I was almost totally distracted by his thin pelvis and wonderful little butt, and the thick leather straps encasing his lathe chest, along with the same strange, warm feeling the caused in my nude teen male celebs stomach and groin, we worked fairly quickly and soon we were dragging another pair of boxes into the closet. "Here are my Hogwarts uniforms!" he proclaimed. When I turned around the box he had just opened had some long pants along with a couple of blazers and capes, the Hogwarts insignia on them. Before I realized I had I found myself fingering the garments to see if they were real, or if I had totally lost it. "You, y- you, you really went to Hogwarts? Are you a, a, wizard?" I gasp. He let out another of his soft giggles and pulled a cape from the box, throwing it around both of our shoulders. "I am in all the movies." he said. He pulled me closer to his thin body and flashed a wide grin before continuing, "I'm sort free latina teen sex of a wizard, but I can't find my magic wand." "Is that it?" he giggled. I started to turn and see where he was looking, but froze so stiff I was sure my heart had stopped when he grabbed my boyhood through my shorts. "Do you wank? You didn't say." he whispered. "W-wh-what's a wank?" I managed to stammer. "May-maybe we... maybe we don't got them here." My head began spinning so fast I was sure I was going into an irreversible coma free teen porn gallerys when he gave my tool another squeeze and whispered, "Your Willie! Do you ever wank your Willie? "Blow me, you never have!" he snickered when I didn't answer. "Can I wank you? Please, please? I want to!" I was completely paralyzed, but vaguely remember him attempting to slip behind me. After a couple of tries, and spinning around so his leash had enough slack he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my back against his chest and stomach. I was sure I was about to burn to death an instant later when I felt his rock hard shaft push against the crack between my butt cheeks, and the fire burning in my stomach, groin and now my boyhood went into atomic meltdown. I'm sure I would have fallen to the floor and died if I hadn't been leaning against him when I felt him delicately pulling on the drawstring of my shorts, then slowly start sliding them over my ebony teen porn review hips and butt. I knew the end was near when my rock philippine teen porn hard, daisy teen porn flaming little shaft popped out of my shorts and bounced back up off of my lower abdomen a couple of times before standing rigidly at attention. I tried to groan, but my lungs completely failed to move any air. I was sure my heart was about explode from overload when he wrapped both hands around my red hot tool. "Peter?" his mother's voice crackled from the intercom speaker, and rang to the few teen porn in stockings brain cells I had left. "Oh, no..." he groaned. "Bloody anal teens hell, no, fat teen porn no," he moaned as he struggled to hold both of us on our feet. I think he forgot I was still holding his leash a second later as he staggered out of the closet and was almost pulled over backward. "Yes Mummy?" he managed, his voice shaking. vintage porn teen young He let out another groan as I teen tit fuck stumbled behind and wrapped my arms around him, grasp the front of his harness and pulled his back against my chest and groin. He shivered when I reached down and slipped the fingers of one hand inside the waistband of his shorts. "Would you and your guest please come downstairs?" the intercom barked. "Tell her, we got to, uh" I whispered into his ear. His only reaction was to half drag me behind him over to the speaker, somehow I managed not to trip over my shorts, still hanging on my knees. "Right away Mummy!" he answered, his voice a little higher than usual, but steady. "We must, she's not to be kept waiting." he whispered to me. I was about to try another way to get him back in the closet when a soft buzz, then a click came from his bedroom door. I had just began to wonder what it was when he pulled out of my arms and pulled the door ajar, then pulled my shorts back up for me. I was still too lost to resist, gave up and followed him into the hall, both of us straightening our clothing and running our fingers through our hair as we went. He stopped at the top of free shool teen porn the stairs and leaned back, pushing his body to mine, rubbing his butt cheeks across my crotch several times. I held his embrace for a second or two before he leaned his head back and pushed his facebow against the side of my neck. "You better replace my reins." he whispered. "We shan't be long, I hope." he groaned. I ran one hand over the leather straps encasing is chest and put the other on his flat tight stomach and pulled him more tightly against me briefly, then released him and slipped his leash off of my wrist. After pushing the loop end through the steel ring and tucking it into his upper chest strap I couldn't resist slipping my fingers into the ring and guiding him down the stairs. His mother was standing in the downstairs hall next to an open closet door, folding an empty cardboard box flat. "Thank you for coming so promptly. Please come here." she smiled. "Clayton, your mother informed me you have never been on reins, is that correct?" she asked, setting the box on the floor. "That you have never worn them." she added, I guess to my lost face. It took a teen porn page minute for my mind to clear enough to remember what free teen panty porn they meant by reins. "N- no Ma'am." I stammered. "I would like you to teen porn alma wear them for chıldren teen porn a few minutes before we go to market, to let you adjust to them." she announced. I did a double take when my eyes followed her hand into closet. On the door hung what had to be a dozen or more leather and webbing leash and other straps of different lengths. Lined up on the closet rail was six or eight sets of straps that looked somewhat like Peter's harness, on coat hangers. I was still trying to believe what I was seeing when she removed one of the sets of straps from its hanger and told me to hold my arms out in front of me. Still in shock, or on automatic, I did, and stood motionless as she fed the straps up my arms and over my shoulders. She turned me sideways and after she fidgeted with the straps for several seconds I felt one of them pull snug around my upper chest, then another around the bottom of my ribs. "Oh yes, a jolly good fit." she announced. She fingered through the straps hanging on the door and selected two of them. I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched her withdraw a key from her dress pocket and teen kiddy porn boys use it to open the clasps on the ends of the straps. I felt two clicks from behind me and barely noticed her guiding Peter next to me. "All done, please go finish unpacking your things." she said, patting both our heads. "And please close your door Peter." It wasn't until I felt a tug on my newly fitted harness that I realized she had fastened a short strap between our harnesses, forcing us to walk next to each other. With every step I felt something rub against my butt, and it didn't take long for me to realize beside the connecting strap, I had a leash hanging from my harness. 'Gee, thanks a bunch Mom! What did trixie teen pussy Peter say, bloody bitch?' I thought as I fingered the mass of strapping wrapped around my chest. Mine were made of nylon webbing, bit just as substantial as Peter's, and a couple of tugs told me they were too snug fitting to even bother trying to slip out of. As we started upstairs I struggled several times to keep from being pulled off balance. I felt even more confused as the harness straps imprisoning me made my nipples harden as they rubbed over them, but after a few more steps began enjoying the sensation. We were about halfway down the hall toward Peter's bedroom when he cupped my hand and stopped. He pulled me closely next to him and whispered, "Thank you Clay, you are a nice friend." His beautiful face seemed to drain most of the anger I was feeling out of my body, but I was speedo teen gay unprepared when he pushed his facebow into my neck and gave me a kiss. Without realizing it I reached around his back and started to pull him into a hug, but was foiled when I discovered the connecting strap was too short to allow it. "Let's go finish so we can go marketing," he whined. "When we return maybe my mum will release us." "Maybe!?!" I gasp as he led me by teen lesbian porn videos the hand into his room. Despite being shackled together and several times almost pulling one another off balance, we finished unpacking sooner than I expected. I did find it curious that the only long pants we unpacked were the ones that were for his Hogwarts uniforms. He had an abundance of shorts, but wondered if his jeans and such had been lost or what. Although I wasn't very happy about being strapped into a baby harness, that same strange warm feeling returned to my stomach and groin, it seemed to get warmer and warmer as I felt the gently tugs on my chest and Peter's arm or body rub against mine. The straps rubbing smooth gay teens over my now rock hard nipples every time I moved began sending soft vibrations throughout my body as we worked. We were emptying what dad end teen porn I was sure was the last box when he let out one of his soft giggles. "You've got a stiffy!" he whispered. The warm pissing teen porn feeling on my groin suddenly turned into a blowtorch blasting into my tool when I felt him grab my boyhood. "You've GOT to show me what wanking is?" I begged, fighting to keep my voice low. "How to finish." His face turned a little mischievous. "We cant in a coupler. And I want to finish you the first time." I started to beg him again, but another squeeze from his hand completely took my voice away. I had recovered enough to walk, and breathe by the time he took my hand and led me over to tinnie teen porn the intercom's free teen blowjobs speakerbox. While he pushed its call button I reached out and gave the doorknob a test turn, we indeed were locked in his room. Just as I had decided this place was too weird, time to call Mom and get out, his mother answered his call. "We're finished with our chore pics of teen porn Mummy," his sweet voice money teen porn announced, that wonderful accent totally distracting me. 'Maybe I'll stick around, for a little while.' I decided as I looked into sex education for teens his beautiful face and happy smile. She was waiting for us by the entry door when we got downstairs, her half suitcase half purse handing from her shoulder. My stomach tightened as I felt her fidgeting with the back of my harness. After a second I risked a glance over my shoulder and my fears were confirmed, she was now teen comic porn holding the end of two leashes, one clearing attached to me. I fought off a bit of panic as she unlocked the door and walked us toward their mini-van and I felt the gentle tugs on my shoulders and chest, both from the leash and the strap connecting me to Peter. More than the looming embarrassment of being seen in public not only wearing my headgear but now leashed like a pet dog I felt somewhat like a trapped animal. I wasn't too sure what gay teen sex porn to do, how to keep from losing it, until I felt something gently squeeze my hand. When I looked down Peter was holding it, and his beautiful face and reassuring smile relaxed me. I clung to his hand as we walked, and soon the gay teen movie harness straps rubbing on my nipples distracted me. After his mom opened the sliding door somehow Peter and I managed to clamber inside without killing each other. As we sat down I noticed all the seat belts in the back of the van were different than I was used to. Instead of a lap belt, and single shoulder belt that went diagonally across your chest, these had two shoulder belts, sort of like baby car seat had, but mounted to tight ass teen video the normal car seat. I followed my friend's lead and slipped the shoulder straps over my head, and as soon as I fastened the lap belt Mrs Coreday reached inside and snugged the fit of my, then her son's restraints. Although the seatbelts were a little more confining than I was accustomed to the drive black teen gay porn to the store was fairly routine. As soon as the van stopped in its parking spot I reached for the release buckle, but it didn't budge. When I looked over at Peter for help he was sitting motionless, watching amateur russian teen porn his mother walk around the vehicle. A minute later she opened our door, reached in and did something to release my then my friend's restraints. None to my surprise she had a hold of our leashes before we got out of the van. Our trip through the store was embarrassing, but not as bad as I expected. We attracted quiet a bit of attention when we walked in, but after Mrs Coreday asked us to push the 'trolley', she hooked the end of our leashes to the cart's handle, which didn't seem to show as much as her holding them. We spent what seemed like forever pushing the cart up and down I'm sure every isle in the huge store as she loaded it so full I was sure it would break or flow over onto the floor. The worst part of the trip had to be when we went to the checkout stand, then had her groceries carried out to the van. The lady that rang up our sale began asking Mrs Coreday about our harnesses, and the next thing I knew she was turning us side to side, modeling us for the checker, and anyone else that wanted to watch. An older teen, probably high school age, was sacking our groceries and clearly getting an eyeful during all this. When everything was finally rung up and stuffed into bags, Peter pulled me to the side of the cart and, still shackled to the handle we walked next to the teen as he sexy teen asses pushed the full cart out to the van. After she opened the van's rear hatch I'm not sure who's eyes bugged more, mine or the sackboy's when Mrs Coreday pulled a key out teen lezbians porn of her dress pocket and used it to unlock the latch holding our leashes to the shopping cart. I could feel the kid's eyes drilling into me as she led us to the side door and strapped us into the strange seatbelts. "Please help carry our parcels inside." Mrs Coreday instructed as she released our car harnesses and slipped the loop handles of our leashes onto her wrist. As soon as she opened the rear hatch Peter picked up a couple of sacks and I followed suite. Somehow, despite being strapped together and leashed to his mother Peter and I managed to carry the large sacks without tripping or dropping them. Three trips later everything was inside, stacked in the kitchen table and counters. I felt a glimmer of hope, that I was about to nude teen pay sites be released from the horrible beast imprisoning my chest when Peter's backseat teen porn mother turned us around and began fidgeting with the back of my harness. But, that hope was short-lived and instead of the straps being removed from my body I felt what I was sure was my leash softly bounce off my backside. "Please place all the tins into the pantry." she told us as she fidgeted with her son's harness. That same hope turned to despair when I glanced around and saw that the strap connecting me to Peter was still in place. "But..." I started. "Yes Mummy." Peter's soft voice cut me off. From what was becoming reflex I followed along when I felt a tug on my harness. He dug through a couple of the sacks and handed me several cans, then gathered more and picked them up. We had to turn sideways for both of us to fit through the pantry's small door, and I stood motionless as Peter began carefully arranging his, then my cargo on the shelves. "When's she gonna take this thing off?" I whispered in his ear. "I mean this strap." I added to his sinking face. "I don't know, but don't ask her, please don't." He put his arm around my waist and pulled me against him, an instant later I felt the same warm feeling spread through my stomach as the connecting strap pulled tight and his other handed cup my inner thigh. "But, at least we are together." he whispered. It spread throughout my body when he kissed, then teen porn and cherry stuck his tongue in my ear. "Please don't dally boys, Miss O'Riley is coming to tea shortly." his mother's voice rang from the kitchen. "Yes Mummy!" he cried. 'Oh God, I don't want my mom to see me like this.' I prayed. His mother was busy loading groceries into the refrigerator when we squeezed out of the pantry. Ten minutes later everything was put away, which earned Peter and I another pat on the head, instead of perfect teen porn our freedom as I had hoped. "May I show Clay my scrapbook?' he begged. "Very well, but when I call you for tea please come promptly." she answer. We started out of the kitchen, but Peter turned back, pulling the connecting strap tight as he rushed back to her side. After motioning for her to bend over he whispered something in her. They had two or three brief exchanges before she smiled and gave his cheek a gentle squeeze. My heart skipped a beat when she turned her son around and pulled her key out of her pocket. My elation was quickly diluted teen virgin porn when she just removed the strap between us and not our harnesses, but I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I followed my friend toward the stairs. "What'd you tell her?" I whispered as we reached the top of the stairs. He gave me a mischievous grin and reached behind his back as an answer. I returned his smile when he pulled the end of his leash from behind, and offered my wrist allowing him to slip the handle onto it. "I asked if I may change my trousers, and I cant go into the loo alone with the coupler!" he beamed. Without realizing I had I planted a kiss on his nose before I turned him down the hall. We walked a few steps before I stopped. "What's a loo, which way teen nude camps is it?" I asked. He let out one of his silly giggles, reached over and squeezed my inner thigh and whispered, "It's in my room, it's a good place to wank." His giggle turned into a silly squeal as I began dragging him down the hall by his leash. Just a couple of steps free teen anal movies into his bedroom I stopped and pulled his back against my chest, and ran my fingers over his flat stomach. As I tucked my chin onto his shoulder and wrapped my other hand around his chest, he let out a soft snicker and wiggled into my groin for an instant, but then slipped out of my grasp, and slipped his leash off of my wrist. He mumbled something I didn't understand, pushed his facebow into my neck and gave me a pecking little kiss then rushed across the room, grabbed something out of his chest of drawers and disappeared into his bathroom. I started to follow him wondering if that was the 'loo', and where 'wanks', whatever they are were kept, but the intercom's speaker interrupted my thoughts. "Peter, please close your door!" his mother's voice barked out it. "Yes Ma'am." I replied. It wasn't until I had already closed the door that I realized I had probably just locked us in his room, and a try at twisting the knob confirmed my fears. 'What on earth have I gotten into?' I wondered. I ran my fingers over the mass of web straps imprisoning my chest and gave the locked door a nasty glare. 'I hope she gets here quick, I'm telling young cute teen porn Mom everything, and getting out of here!' I silently proclaimed to the intercom speaker, and the weird old lady at the other end of it. The sound of a door opening made me glance behind. I grinned when I saw Peter step out of the bathroom and I stated toward him. I teen porn brutle rape took a couple of steps then stopped dead in my tracks as my eyes almost popped out of my head. He had changed his shorts as he told his mother, and was now wearing a pair of absolutely skin tight black shorts that looked like they were made of leather, polished brighter than his teen titans lesbian porn harness straps. Besides being extremely tightly stretched over his thin lower body they covered even less of him than the scant mature females and teens gym shorts he had been wearing, cut so low this bony pelvis bones stuck out the top of them and they had no legs, ending at this crotch. A pair of very heavy duty chrome zippers looked very stressed as they fought to hold a flap covering his groin closed. The same strange hot sensation I had felt so many times today instantly returned, this time starting at the tip of my boyhood and rushing into my groin then abdomen like a flash fire. "Wow, uh what are, um..." was all I could manage to mumble. He let out one of his soft giggles as he walked over to me and slipped his leash onto my wrist. His mischievous little grin somehow told me that whatever he was up to, he wasn't done. It felt like my heart left my chest and began beating in my throat when he put his hands around my waist and pulled my body against his, I was sure I was about to stop breathing as he rubbed his groin against mine, and his magic shorts began softly creaking with each movement. "They are called Lederhosen, my mum bought them when we went on holiday to German." he said I a low voice. I was sure someone had pointed a welding torch at my rock hard shaft when he grabbed one of my hands, guided it down and pushed it against one of his round firm butt cheeks and whispered, "I love how they feel." Everything started to get blurry as I cupped his butt, and felt his crotch and leather covered shaft rub against mine, then his harness straps rubbing over mine, making my nipples as hard as my gay teen male tool. His hip felt like it was charged with electricity when I felt it rubbing against mine I'm not sure how long later, and didn't realize he had walked me over to his bed until his soft hands grasp my bare waist and guide me to sit on the edge of it. I tried to protest, that I would get in trouble, when he removed my headgear straps then facebow, but I couldn't bailey teen porn get any air to move over my vocal cords. An instant later I was sure what was left of my brain was going to go into overload when he pulled me into a tight embrace and I felt his lips press against mine, but was sure I had died and gone to Heaven when his tongue pushed between my lips, teen porn picrues then my teeth and began exploring my mouth. After what seemed like three or four eternities he broke our kiss. He pushed his magic tongue into my ear for a second then whispered, "Want me to wank you?" I was way to far in shock to answer, but didn't resist as he grabbed the back of my harness and slowly pulled my back onto the mattress. Some animal instinct I didn't know I had took over my lower spinal cord when I felt him release the knot of my short's drawstring, and it told my hips and butt to squirm around to help him pull my shorts down. "You've no pubes neither!" he softly giggled, but I was too far into never-neverland to ask what he meant very young teen sex as I felt him rub his soft fingers over my groin and cup my tight little nutsack. "Can you shoot, when you wank?" he giggled. His fingers felt like they were charged with thousands of volts of electricity as he wrapped them around the shaft of my red hot boyhood and began slowing rubbing up and down its length. 'Oh, oh God! What is he doing? Oh God!' I wondered as he continued to stroke me. I tried to gasp for breath, but could only press the back of my head into the mattress and twist it uncontrollably side to side as my back arched and my hips began involuntarily bucking up and down like they were trying to pump the fire out of my body. "Oh, oh! Peter, oh!" I managed to gasp. He tightened his grip and stroked me even faster as a response. Just when I was sure my groin, my entire body was about to explode out the end of my tool he stopped. Time seemed to stand still, I knew my guts were going to explode out my belly as he held my boyhood, and my life it seemed, in his hand and looked at me. "Blood hell, bloody fucking hell!" he teen carter porn groaned in an almost silent voice. "Your mum has come calling, we must..." "Peter, would you and your friend care to join us for tea? Mrs O'Riley has arrived." his mother's voice crackled over the intercom speaker. "Yes, thank you Mummy!" he exclaimed in his little boy voice. "No, tell her no!" I gasp. "Tell her we..." I got out before he pushed his hand over my mouth. "We must! Mummy, my mum would never forgive us missing tea!" he snarled under inocent teen porn his breath to me. He bolted off the bed and rushed toward the door, and without realizing it I free porn videos teen used his leash to yank him back onto the bed. "Just tell her we're not thirsty!" I told him. "Please, please?" my entire body begged through my throat. I was still wondering if all this was real, and if I was going to survive or explode as he grasp the front of my harness and jerked me to my feet. I staggered but managed to keep my balance as he pulled my shorts up then thrust my facebow in front of my face. He had already fitted the strap over the young porn sexy teen back of my head by the time I pugged it into my teeth and quickly hooked it to the facebow. "We must hurry!" he whispered as he fastened my neck strap and all but sweet teen ass dragged me toward the door. Although my acorn sized balls felt like they were the size of golf balls and weighed as much as bowling balls, I seemed to recover, at least enough that I could focus my eyes by the time Peter had led my by his leash down the stairs. It wasn't until he led me into an extremely well lite room, and bright light reflecting off his shorts glared into my eyes that I realized I still had his leash on my wrist. I don't think he realized it either until it was too late. "My reins came loose, and Clay held them for me Mummy!" he exclaimed, his voice higher than usual. I felt my face flush when I saw both our mothers sitting at a small round table in the middle of the glass paneled room I later learned was what they called a Solarium. "Of course he did." his mother replied, somewhat of a titter in her voice. I snapped what we had done, turned away and tried to get the loop handle over my hand, but was shaking so badly I fumbled at a couple of attempts before finally getting it off. "Shall I replace them, or would you prefer for your friend to continue holding them?" she all but chuckled. "I see you survived!" my mother bubbled. She grasp my elbow and pulled me over to her. "You even look comfortable! Kind of cute too!" she snickered as she ran her fingers over my harness's straps. I almost died when she pulled on the back of it and chuckled, blonde babe teen porn "I bet these things do come in handy!" I was still praying she was joking when she gestured me to one of the chairs around the table, next to the one Peter was climbing into. "Do I need to clip you in?" Mrs Coreday asked her son. "No Mummy, please?" he begged. I had no idea what they were talking about, but from the frightened look on my new friend's face I wasn't too sure I wanted to know. Both our mothers were drinking from small coffee cups, with an ornate tea pot between free teen nude porn them, but thankfully there were glasses of ice tea sitting at our places. I was a little lost when our hostess offered me a biscuit that turned out to be a chocolate chip cookie, but decided to chill and not say anything. The two ladies babbled for a couple of minutes while Peter and I ate our cookies and exchanged glances, both of us wishing we could get the hell out of there. "Did you enjoy viewing Peter's stills albums Clayton?" his mother asked, almost making me jump out of my skin. "Uh, yes Ma'am." my survival instinct answered for me. "We were distracted, and didn't get to view all of them." Peter took over. I felt his hand cup my inner thigh as he added, "After tea my we go finish?" "From Clay's face, they must be very interesting albums!" Mom bubbled, making Peter giggle and me want to die. "Peter was in all of the Harry Potter movies, as an extra." his mother bragged. "I'm a Line Editor for Bloomsbury Publishing, and had to spend some time on the sets serving as a part time tutor for the young actors, so it was perfect for both of us." "Mummy gets to read the new books before anyone else!" black haired teen porn Peter proclaimed. "But I'm not allowed to see them." he pouted. "Would you care to autograph a picture for Clayton? There are some of your stills in the study." his mother suggested. "Yes Mummy! Thank you!" he hooted. He started to jump out of his chair then froze as his face turned ashen. "Im sorry Mummy, please don't..." "Is it proper to leave the table without permission?" his she barked. "No Mummy." he whimpered to his empty saucer. "I'm very sorry Mrs O'Riley." he told my mother's teacup. 'Wow, what happens if you get in trouble here!' I thought. "You've received some e-mail from home also." gay teens dating utah Him mother continued, in a much calmer voice. "If you've finished tea, you may go read them." His face brightened like a new penny. "Thank you Mummy! May I be excused?" he begged in his best sweet voice. A nod of her head brought an almost blinding smile to his face. He squirmed a little then climbed out of his chair and carefully pushed it against the table. I started to get up with him, but the look he shot me told me not to. "May I be excused, Ma'am? Ma'ams?" I tried, not sure who to ask. I wanted to kill my mother when I glanced between them, Mom had her hand over her mouth, but her eyes told she was straining so hard to keep from bursting out in laughter she was about to burst. "Yes you may." Mrs Coreday finally answered. I hopped out of my chair and started to turn away, but remembered what Peter had done and turned back. It wasn't until I had pushed my chair under the table that I noticed short straps hanging from each side of my chair, a quick check glance told me the one Peter was sitting in also had them. I started to teen porn thumbnails hardcore follow Peter away from the table when his mother grabbed the side of his harness and stopped him as he walked past her. "Clayton, we wouldn't want Peter to trip, porn teen panties would young teen models porn we." she half snicked as she grabbed the end of his leash and held it out to me. A soft snort from Mom's direction told me not to look back as I accepted it. We walked a couple of steps before he slowed, moved next to me and whispered in my ear. I'm sure I blushed five or six shades of red before I turned around and returned to the table. "Thank you for inviting me to tea Ma'am." I managed to stammer. Somehow I managed to fight off the urge to run out of the room dragging Peter behind me when I heard my mom start to chuckle. Their study was as stoic as Peter's bedroom. Three of the walsl were lined with tall bookshelves like you'd find in a library, stuffed full of books. The back wall had a couple more bookshelves, along with a computer hutch and a table against it. In the middle of the room was a large wooden desk, along with several student desks like we used in school. Peter all but pulled me to the computer hutch, and I couldn't help but notice another pair of straps hanging from the sides of the chair he pulled out. I was a little surprised when instead of sitting in it, he guided me to, but his mischievous grin told me what he was up to. I let out a loud gasp as he squirmed into my lap and pushed his leather covered little butt into my groin. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his lathe little chest as I felt his bottom push against my again rock hard boyhood, his leather shorts letting out a soft creak of approval. "Look, this one's from Rubert!" he squealed. I opened my eyes enough to glance at the screen, but closed them and continued to absorb the wonder of his beautiful, leather encased body until he gay teen torrents added, "He's Ron Weasley." I had trouble believing my eyes as I read, then reread the note. It talked about life on 'the set', even relaying some humorous incidents during filming. I remembered the pictures Peter had upstairs of him with his fellow redhead, and as hard as it was to believe, I actually biracial teen porn was reading an e-mail from a real live student wizard, and one of my all time heros. Peter let out one of his cute giggles as he moused down to the bottom of the note. He squirmed his butt pushing my hot, rock hard boyhood even further into the crack between his melons before pointing at the bottom of the note. "That's not exactly what he meant!" he softly giggled as he pointed at the screen. 'Keep a stiff upper lip, and we hope its not to rainy there mate!' I read. He squirmed again in my lap, and pushed his facebow against my ear. "His stiffys feel like yours! Even when I wank them!" he whispered. My tool throbbed so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my shorts and slam him against the computer's monitor when he pushed his tongue into my ear. My vision blurred and I felt myself drifting back into porn asian teen fuck a utopia induced coma as he opened the next message, and I squeezed the only reality available, the thick leather straps of his harness. "You gotta, please, you gotta tell me what wank is." I begged with what little air I could porn website teen get to move across my vocal cords. "No, I'm going to wank you. Wait until my mum lets us go back upstairs, I will." he whispered. I started to protest, but the few working brain cells I had left went into overload when he grasp my right hand, pulled it down and thrust it into his leather encased crotch. "Peter, Mrs O'Riley is leaving soon." his mother's voice rang. "We better go sweetie, I need to start supper and you have some chores to do." Mom's voice chimed in. Peter mumbled something I couldn't understand, or was too dolorous to. "Yes Mummy!" he hooted. "Mummy, I cant find my pictures!" he added in his best little boy voice. "Bloody BITCH!" he snarled under his breath. "But, Mom, I still gotta..." my throat relayed from my groin. "Clayton Francis!" sent a shiver down my spine as I felt my boyhood shrink and hide inside my crotch. The fact that she had only used my first and middle names told me I still had a slight chance at escaping teens nudes the death penalty. "Yes Ma'am!" my survival instinct answered for me. I just had time to give his shorts and harness a final squeeze before he climbed off my lap. I tried to climb out of the chair, but let out a groan and fell back into it, my balls not only felt like they weighed as much as bowling balls, but seemed to be compressed into maybe baseball size and hurt like nothing I had ever felt. When I finally managed to struggle to teen porn pcs free my feet Peter was just setting a pen down on the computer hutch. He thrust a picture into my hand, pointed at part of the writing scribbled on it, flashed me gay teen swim meat one of his almost evil grins and pushed his shoulder under my armpit letting me use him as a crutch as I tried to learn to walk bowlegged. I managed to recover somewhat, and seemed to be able to walk fairly normally by the time we joined our mothers in the entry hall. Although my nipples objected somewhat, I felt relieved, maybe free when Mrs Coreday used her key to release me from my harness, and after a quick goodby and sneaking a final swipe of my hand across Peter's leather clad hip followed my mother across their porch. "You seem to have had a good time, I'm glad you and Peter get along so well. Are you two going to... hang out together?" Mom said as we walked toward the street. I cringed slightly, Mom's formal, businesslike voice did not work well when she tried to use teenage slang. "Yeah, he's nice. I kinda wanta." I mumbled. I hesitated, sleeping black teen porn trying to get my mind back together, and to find the right words. "You wouldn't put me one of those things on me, would you? Those harness thingy." "They are pretty handy!" made me stop dead in my tracks. "And soft teen breast porn you were very well behaved wearing it!" sent a cold shiver through my body. She let me stew for a second or two before pulling me against her. "I'm teasing teen nude pic sweetie." she giggled like a teenage girl. "Uh well, but, I olga teen russian porn don't want to get put in that teen japanese porn thing again, even there. Maybe you can tell Mrs Coreday, well, tell her I don't need it? Maybe you can tell her not to do it again?" She gently squeezed my shoulder. "Kind of want to, not kinda wanta." she snickered. "Maybe some of Peter's grammar will wear off on you." We walked silently for a couple of seconds, and I began trying to think of another way to approach the subject. "Please consider what I told you this morning, that Mrs Coreday is along way from home, and is just protecting her son. I would be willing to bet as they begin to settle in, and she feels more comfortable with her surroundings, that she will give her son more freedom." 'Great, I didn't want a lecture.' I silently groaned, sure that she was getting off onto one of her long winded sermons. "But, when you are a guest in someone's home, you must abide by their wishes. And, I'm sure you know that when you are Mrs Coreday's guest, I expect you to do everything she tells you to." Her comment made my heart sink, she was young nude teen girls taking the grownups side. I ran my fingers over my chest as we started up the porch steps of our house, I could almost feel the nylon straps still imprisoning it. 'No way, no one is gonna strap me back in one of those things.' I promised myself. 'Maybe she'll chill and quit using those things, then maybe we can be friends.' I decided. Mom turned me so I was facing her, and when she did the sun reflecting off of something bright across the street distracted me. When I looked the reflection was off of Peter's highly polished shorts. Leashed to his mother, they were arranging some planting pots on their front porch. My mother said something to me, but I was so absorbed in reliving the memory of how wonderful his round, firm buns felt inside their soft leather second skin, and how great his mouth and lips tasted I have no idea what she said. That now familiar fire in my gut melted my heart when he turned around, pulled his leash taught against his keeper's wrist and gave me a bright smile along with a shy wave. 'Um, well' I thought. Thankfully Mom's chores didn't take long, all I had to do was fold a load of clothes and sweep a little. Mom was in her home office cackling away young teens fuck on her phone when I finished, so I drifted up into my bedroom. I looked out my window for several seconds hoping to see Peter again, but when he didn't appear walked over to my computer desk and picked up the picture he had given me. As I studied it I remembered young nude teen models the scene in the first movie that it was taken from, when Harry, Ron, Hermione and the other students were first trying to use their magic wands to levitate feathers. Peter was sitting at a desk right behind Hermione, his wand pointed toward a feather on his desk. 'To my new Yank friend, Love Peter' his inscription read. I wondered what a 'yank' was, and what he meant somali teen porn as I enjoyed the sight of his face, and the horny gay teens memory of his wonderful body against mine. I read his autograph a couple more times before I remembered him pointing out the 'Y' in his autograph. After studying it for a few seconds I noticed an extra downward loop in his pen, and the more I looked at it the more I realized it could read either '... new Yank friend' or ' wank friend'. I bolted back to my bedroom window, hoping he had come outside, but he hadn't. I considered rushing back across the street to try to talk to him, but his asian teen nude pics mother's stern face, and the risk of being seen with my horse bridle told me not to. I tried to ignore my nipples pointing out as they rubbed against my shirt, and the fire returning to my groin as I rushed to my computer. "No!" I groaned after I typed 'wank' into my search engine and Mom's Net Nanny reared its ugly face and blocked my search. After trying a few other engines and word combinations, all blocked by Mom's cursed censoring program, I dug through the back of my closet where I had hidden my school supplies from my sight for the summer until I found my dictionary, something I had only used two or three times during school, the last thing I thought I would ever read during summer free teen porn gallories vacation. I felt my entire teen 1st porn movies being drain into my lower abdomen when I realized 'Wank' wasn't listed. I even tried stroking my boyhood over my shorts as I tried to think of a way to solve the puzzle, to find out what wank meant, but every way I tried didn't do anything to me like Peter's magic fingers had. I tried 'wizard' and 'wank' on my search engines, but again was blocked. 'Wow, maybe only wizards got wanks' I told my hot, stiff boyhood. 'We're gonna learn what they are, or how, I promise!' I told my little friend as I rubbed him and stared at my bedroom window. 'I gotta know!' I groaned. "Clay, supper is almost ready, please come set the table." my mother's voice echoed from downstairs. "Yes ma'am!" the automatic part of my brain answered. I had to cup my balls in my hand, they felt like they were pressurized to the point of breaking, and weighed a ton each as skinny blonde teen porn I stood up, but somehow managed to stager downstairs. 'I don't care if its just for wizards or whoevers, I HAVE GOT to figure out how to do that!' I decided as I hobbled my way around our dining room. The memory of Peter's wonderful little body, his skin-tight shirt and painted on leather shorts, even the feel of the harness I had been locked into rubbing across my nipples kept me going as I laid out our supper dishes. As I began inspecting the table to be sure I hadn't forgotten anything I could feel the loop handle of his leash on my wrist, then his hands cupping my my crotch. Without realizing it I reached down and grasp myself. 'Please, you got to teach me, tomorrow!' I mentally begged my new friend.Yes, a few new twists. Thanks for everyone's responses to part 1, but I received a few mixed responses. NO child abuse, or hard core bondage I promise, but should I continue now? Let me know.
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